Rostelecom’s Internet will get into your apartment via fiber-optic technology which is the fastest, most reliable and technologically advanced Internet technology in existence today. The Internet will provide you with the following opportunities and advantages;

  • high-speed and symmetrical Internet connection
  • higher speed of access to the content of YouTube, Rutube, Facebook, Google, և web-sites
  • service connection free of charge



All prices are presented in AMD, including VAT.

The benefits of the special offer are valid with a mandatory annual subscription or renewal of the current contract with a mandatory annual subscription, and are available for 1 year from the date of service activation, after which the basic conditions of this tariff plan apply.

If the annual subscription period chosen by the Subscriber has expired and the latter has not submitted an application to terminate the Subscription Agreement, the Subscription Agreement signed with the Operator is considered automatically extended for an indefinite period, and the Operator continues to provide the Services according to the tariff package chosen by the Subscriber.

GPON technology provides unrestricted symmetric Internet access up to the speeds specified in the tariff plans (maximum speed 300 Mb/s) via wired connection.

The WiFi connection speed is due to the technical capability of the device / devices used by the subscriber.

All subscribers of the Mono tariff plan who will pay for the Services provided during the reporting month, within the deadlines set by the Operator, and they will not expire debts in the current month, from the established date of suspension of services due to overdue debts of the current month to the established day of suspension of services due to overdue debts of the next month, will receive Internet speed of up to 20 Mb/s on Saturdays and Sundays.

If the Subscriber joins the services between 13.05.2023 and 13.08.2023 through the Active sales direction and with a mandatory annual subscription, he has the opportunity to terminate the contract early within 30 days from the moment of activation of the Services without paying a penalty.

Wi-fly package terms

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